Nivonim: Agam MiNis Teach Hanichim to Swim


During the course of a normal week in Nivonim, our hanichim/campers work very hard in their netivei manhigut/leadership tracks to give the younger hanichim on Tzad Aleph/A-Side fun and meaningful experiences. 

This morning I went out to the Tzad Aleph Agam/Waterfront and observed our wonderful group of Agam MiNis (Madrichim B'Nivonim/Counselors that are in Nivonim.)


I then had the pleasure of watching them get in the water and teach the younger hanichim how to swim. One of the main goals here at Ramah is to teach and build skills.  And this morning, our Nivonimers were helping to further that goal.


Yashar Koach to our Agam MiNis for fulfilling an important mitzvah/commandment in our tradition.  Yasher Koach to Talia, Hayley, Jonas, Meital, Ma'ayan, Meredith, Greg, and Sarah for teaching the younger hanichim how to swim!

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