Nivonim and Hakarat HaTov (Gratitude): Whatsapp with Oren Kaunfer

Our oldest chanichim (campers), in Nivonim, met with Visiting Educator Oren Kaunfer (photos above and below) in the Horsha (grove) and further delved in to our Summer Theme: hakarat Hatov (gratitude).  Oren paused for a moment of gratitude for one of our technological wonders: Whatsapp.  In his real-life example, this technology enabled him to be in quick, free touch with a sick child and carry out his duties in Hinuch (education).  Whatsapp might seem like an unlikely example of Hakarat HaTov.  Through Oren’s anecdote and explanation, the chanichim realized how applicable the ancient practice of Hakarat Hatov is to even the most newfangled contraptions.

The chanichim were encouraged to consciously incorporate this concept in to their daily lives, so that it becomes a routine part of their outlook on life as they assume roles of Jewish leadership.





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