Nivonim: Cafe with Mishlachat


Last night, Nivonim engaged in a dialogue about current events in Israel. The Mishlachat/Israeli emissaries set up our moadon/lounge as a beit kafe/coffee house and divided the edah into three rotating groups.  In the groups, the Mishlachat were fasciliting conversations with the hanichim/campers about important issues that Israelie debate today. The peula/program was called "Cafe Dilema."

One group was talking about the nature of the army in Israel, while another was talking abut the importance of the Land itself while the other group was discussing the protests revolving around Gilad Shalit.

Tea with nana/mint was served to everyone and it was so nice to see our young adults engaging in such mature discussions about real and relevant topics.  And the tea was phenomenal!

I am very proud of our hanichim for challenging themselves and each other on these important yet difficult ideas.  Yasher Koach to Rotem and all of the Mishlachat for truly bringing Israel into the kfar.

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