Nivonim ends the third week

Nivonim winds down another great week of camp. Our Yom Miyuchad was Yom World Cup: Nivonimers travelled to a variety of countries and learned about Jewish life both historic and current as well as sampling foods and activities from around the world. I cannot speak for every group but I know that the Argentina station was great and that with a little more practice many Nivonimers could be great Tango dancers.

                We have announced our play!!! Nivonim 2009 will be putting on an original production of JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings! We have cast the show and are working on blocking songs and dances. The show is going up on Monday and critics agree it should be well worth the hype.

                As always we are pumped for Shabbat just around the corner: singing, eating, praying, eating, more singing, etc.  Next week after the play we begin Kishroniyah! There is never a dull moment during the Nivonim summer!

Shabbat shalom from Niv,


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