Nivonim: Etgar Day 3

Day 3 of Etgar was the most challenging. But before we started our hike, we had teffilot/prayers on a mountain. It was truly and literally awesome to praise God while looking at all of God’s handiwork. Before the end of the service, we all said the bracha/blessing “oseh ma’aseh breishit/source of creation” that you say when seeing magnificent displays of nature.

Our hike today was very difficult, as we climbed up to the top of Mt. Everett. As I was having trouble at times, the hanichim/campers gave me their support and really brought me along on their path/bo v’lech ba’rechov.

After the long hike under the hot sun, we all cooled off in a pond near our campsite. It was so refreshing!

Our team, or the Bear Pack as we have come to call ourselves, continues to work together on everything. Dinner tonight was a true group effort as everyone helped make batch after batch of pasta. We were all so hungry after the day’s hike!

After dinner the hanichim taught me a new game, “Produce Off.” Basically, the hanichim stand back to back and walk three paces away from each other. Then, someone on the side yells out a fruit or vegetable and they both have to act out the produce as best as they can. Then we all vote on the winner. Noah’s depiction of a cherry and Sarah’s ‘banana’ were hilarious and were deserving of awards!

Now we are getting ready for a medura/campfire and we are looking forward to hanging out, singing songs and telling stories.

Tomorrow we will finish our etgar masa/journey. It has been tough at times, but we have all overcome the challenges that were presented. This masa will be one that we all remember for a long time.

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