Nivonim Hadracha Spotlight: Bunk Counselor Track

The Bunk Counselor track places one Nivonimer with each bunk each on A-side. The summer is structured so that the formal training with Nivonim counselors Karen Brier and Aryeh Kalender, ultimately lead up to field time that put the training to use. So far this summer, the MiNis (madrichim b’Nivonim – counselors who are in Nivonim) have covered a large part of the “daily life” of a counselor, including wake up, teffilot, nikayon, mealtime, peulat tzrif, harga’ah, and bedtime. While the Nivonimers have certainly enjoyed learning these important skills for being a counselor, they’ve especially loved getting to know the kids in their bunks. Many of the MiNis choose to sit with their A-side bunks during Shabbat mealtime and shira, even when they don’t have to, just so they can spend more time with their bunks.  Some of our MiNis have built lasting relationships with the younger campers, and it always warms my heart to hear A-side campers exclaim “I want you to be my counselor when you come back on staff!”


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