Nivonim Hadracha Spotlight

As the oldest campers at camp, leadership is a huge component of the Nivonim experience. This leadership comes in many different forms, from being Yom Sport (color war) captains, to standing on benches and leading shira (singing) in the chadar ochel (dining hall). The cornerstone of this leadership program is our Hadracha program (literally means leadership). Through the hadracha program, campers learn skills that will help them when they come back on staff and beyond, spend time working with younger campers around camp, and make a lasting impact on the place that has molded them for so many years. Based on choices made before the summer started, campers are placed in various “leadership tracks.” In these tracks, campers have a combination of formal training – intensive daily sessions led by an experienced Nivonim counselor- and field time – hours working directly with younger campers, whether teaching, observing, planning, or executing programs. Over the course of the next week or so, we’ll delve into what has been accomplished in each leadership track over the course of the last six weeks. We’re all very proud of the way our Nivonimers have stepped up and given back to camp!

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