Nivonim Intersession Kishroniyah!

As a special treat for adat ha-Nivonim, our oldest chanichim — all of whom come to camp for the full summer — we surprised them with a special intersession program: Kishroniyah!

For many years Kishroniyah has been a special week-long program for our Tzad Bet chanichim (campers), in which an array of high-level specialists come to camp to offer special programming.  We weren’t able to run our Kishroniyah week this year, but we didn’t want our Nivonimers to miss out on this experience during their last kayitz (summer) as campers… and we wanted them to have something extra-special to mark the mid-point of their summer.  And so we were able to arrange to run five Kishroniyah groups for a three-day experience, Sunday-to-Tuesday, just for our Nivonimers!

Ami Margolis & A Cappella:

Joe Lodge & Lifeguard Certification Training:

Cecilia Kremer, whose group is creating a mosaic new installation art piece for camp:

Phil Glick & Robotics:

Rick Atkins & Ultimate Frisbee:

Adat ha-Nivonim is having so much fun in these special experiences!