Nivonim Leadership Training Program!

Today, Camp Ramah in New England unveiled its newly
redeveloped Nivonim Leadership Training Program! In so many respects, the
Nivonim experience is the culmination of one’s journey as a camper through the
here at
Machaneh Ramah.  But it is also the beginning of a new
journey: that of one day coming back to camp as a member of our summer
(staff). While the intensive two-day launch of the program is happening Sunday
and Monday, today the Nivonimers had their first Hadracha (leadership training)
session. The Nivonimers discussed what a mission statement is, the importance of a mission
statement and how it guides every decision in an organization.

Nivonimers were first asked to write their own mission
statement for Camp Ramah New England and discuss ways that these statements
might translate into actual decisions that camp has to make. One of the key
areas that many of the Nivonimers discussed was having Hebrew as part of the
mission statement. In their small groups, they examined ways to incorporate
Hebrew into every activity here at camp.

The Nivonimers were then given a copy of the Camp
Ramah New England mission statement. They were asked to highlight words or
phrases that they think are essential in guiding Camp Ramah New England. In
small groups the Nivonimers talked about how these words/phrases play out in
their experiences at or expectations of camp. They finished the session by exploring
how being a madrich/a should reflect the mission and values of Camp Ramah in New

It was a great start to a very exciting new program. 

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