Nivonim Leading Machane Ramah Onward!

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks in Nivonim!  We have done so much, and there is so much more to come.  After our White Water rafting and mountain climbing adventures, we settled in camp with the many exciting things that Nivonim does with their day.  This included our leadership tracks,  prepping for Zimkudia (an Israeli song and Dance competition) where we stole the issue with our fantastic dance moves and beautiful harmonies, we began working on our Machazemer (musical) which will be performed this Tuesday, and we took over camp in a camp-wide election activity where our Nivonimers led each Tzrif (bunk) in camp to be another part of an election campaign of our very own, Evelyn Dragat Rubenstein.  Each Nivonimers was in charge of around 15 younger chanichim (campers) and we helped do everything in our simulation from creating lawn signs to constructing our foreign policy.

From bonfires to leading singing on shabbat and being mini’s in our leadership program where we working with younger campers to gain experience on a consistent basis, this Kayitz (summer) has already become legendary, and will only get better.  Look out for more and get excited!

Shabbat Shalom!

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