Nivonim Machazemer (Musical): Harry Potter!

What a wonderful, magical (literally! magical!) evening with Nivonim’s wildly creative, brilliantly choreographed, dramatic musical version of Harry Potter.  The songs, all in Hebrew of course, made perfect and total sense to all those of us who have devoured and memorized the books over the years.  The live musical accompaniment was quasi-professional.  The quidditch match was exciting and playful, with lots of audience participation.  Gymnastic leaps and daredevil stunts were brilliantly executed.  There were great props and scenery: many wands, brooms, quidditch balls, and beards were utilized.  Of course Not Ware, PALMER! did not get forgotten.  Let’s just say: you had to be there.  Yasher Koach and Bravo on an amazing performance!

Categories: Drama, Nivonim