Nivonim: Peulat Nikayon/Cleaning Activity


This morning the whole Camp was engaged in a Nikayon/Bunk Cleaning contest.  The madrichim/counselors had to come up with the most innovative and fun peulot/programs for the hanichim/campers to take part in.

Our male madrichim had the banim/boys play bocce ball as a competition to assign specific jobs for nikayon. This has become a daily tradition for our banim and it is always a fierce competition.

The madrichot/female counselors introduced their peula to the banot/girls in grand fashion.  The madrichot had all the banot sit down in the moadon/lounge.  Then…Showtime!  Emily and Sara Miriam began snapping (ala West Side Story) and introduced: Musical Nikayon!  They sang all on the instructions and rules.  The banot were to clean while singing showtunes from Wicked, Rent and Annie. 


It was very fun to be around such ruach/energy so early in the morning!

Yashar Koach to our madrichim for inspiring such fun in all the little moments of our day!

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