Nivonim: Rikkud MiNis lead Rikkud for all of Tzad Bet

The main focus for the Nivonim summer is leadership.  Everyone at camp is going on a masa/journey, but the role of leaders is to go on a masa, and bring others with them/bo ve'lech ba'rechov.  Last night, our Rikkud/Dance MiNis (Madrichim b'Nivonim/Counselors that are Nivonimers) brought all of Tzad Bet into the ruach/spirit of Camp by teaching then and then leading the Nivonim 2011 dance.  Check out the video and see for yourself:


Yashar Koach to our Rikkud MiNis for giving such a large number of hanichim/campers a fun and memorable Ramah experience.

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