Nivonim Skypes with Seminar

Wednesday afternoon we had a very cool opportunity to Skype with Ramah Seminar Israel participants from N11V (Nivonim 2011).  It was really cool to see our former hanichim/campers loving their Israel experience.  They shared their highlights and even fielded questions from Nivonim 2012 about Seminar.  They Seminar participants talked about their trip to Poland, their experience in gadna/youth army training, their Yam l’Yam/Sea-to-Sea hike and much, much more.
One question that was asked: Why should I go onSeminar? And Maya from N11V explained that, “this is the best Israel trip. Going to Israel is the next step in the Ramah experience and doing it with your best friends is the most meaningful experience of my life!”

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