Nivonim Takes Over Zimkudiah!

On Wednesday night, Nivonim wowed audiences at Zimkudiah, the annual festival of Israeli Song and Dance. As per tradition, Nivonim both performed a song and dance (while every other edah performed only one or the other), and ten Nivonimers acted as MCs, introducing each song or dance in Hebrew. As a surprise, all the chanichim (campers) were given their own hats spray painted with “Niv ‘13” written in Hebrew to wear during our dance, Lazuz. Below, please see a video of the incredible performance!

Nevonim 2013 at Zimkudiah!

As an added bonus, Nivonim did a “fakeout” (or fake yom sport(color war) breakout) in front of the camp at the end of the song! Although few people were fooled, it was a wonderful demonstration of ruach (spirit) and excitement! See the video below:


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