Opening Day Instructions

Shalom Chaverim,We are making our final preparations for our Opening Day on Tuesday, June 28, and look forward to welcoming all of our campers!  An email with counselor introduction videos will be sent out on Sunday.For those dropping their campers off at camp, we hope the process will be as efficient as possible. Remember, you will say goodbye to your campers in the parking area and will not be going to the bunks.Please DO NOT bring your campers to camp if they are sick. Email our nurse for further instructions. COVID REQUIREMENTS TO COME TO CAMP ON JUNE 28

  • You have not tested positive for COVID ever or since May 28 and you test negative on June 27 and June 28.
  • You tested positive for COVID between May 28 and June 19. You still test and submit COVID tests on June 27 and June 28 and you will be allowed to come to camp regardless of the results.
  • If you tested positive/have COVID between June 19 and June 23 you may come to camp with negative COVID tests on both June 27 and 28.
  • If tested positive on June 24 or later you cannot come to camp on June 28.  Begin testing for COVID five days after diagnosis or onset of symptoms and come to camp late with two negative tests. After 9 days, you may come to camp regardless of test results or symptoms.

Please contact Marci Galinkin with any questions. TESTING INFORMATION  Please remember that all campers need to take and submit a rapid antigen test the day before their arrival AND on their arrival day.Day Before Arrival Instructions to Submit Results: (1) Put the COVID antigen test on a piece of paper with your camper’s name and date of birth clearly written on it; (2) Take a picture of this piece of paper; (3) Save the photo on your computer as “name, date, COVID antigen test”; (4) Convert the photo to a pdf (Use if needed); and (5) Upload to the portal in your account for the “Day Before Arrival” that will be activated on Sunday.  Please email Josh Czik if you have questions about how to upload the results. Arrival Day Instructions to Submit Results: 

  • If your camper is being driven to camp or is flying on the DC group flight, use a sharpie to write your camper’s name, birth date, and the date directly on the test card and turn it in to staff at camp or to the flight chaperone at BWI.
  • If your camper has a different flight, follow the instructions above and upload to the “Arrival Day” test result portal in your account.

 If your child’s test results are positive, please upload them to your account and also email our nurse immediately.MEDICATIONS/MEDICAL CONSULTSOur medical staff will not be able to consult on Opening Day. If you need a consult on your camper’s medical needs or medications, please email our nurse.Except for a few pre-arranged exceptions, all medications should have been processed through Pack My Rx. If you have an approved exception and are delivering meds on Opening Day, please bring them in a ziploc bag with your child’s name and DOB on it and deliver them to a staff member at a table near the parking area or give them to the DC flight chaperone at BWI. COMMUNICATING LAST-MINUTE TRAVEL CHANGESIn the event of an emergency or another event that forces a last-minute change to your travel plans on Tuesday, please call the main office in Palmer at 413-283-9771 immediately to let us know. If we learn of any last-minute changes to our chaperoned flight, we will email all parents/guardians as soon as possible.CAMPERS ARRIVING BY CAR Click here to view Opening Day instructions. If you are driving your child(ren) to camp and have not yet signed up for a drop off slot, please click here to do so immediately. Please contact Rhonda Parker with any questions about your drop off slot.CAMPERS ARRIVING BY PLANEAn email with instructions has been sent to campers traveling on our DC Group Flight. Please email Marggi if you need this sent to you again. If your child has an individual flight, bus, or train to camp, you will receive further instructions on Sunday or Monday.NO PACKAGESAs we explained previously, we cannot accept camper packages this summer. We will not deliver packages if you send them. Please let your family and friends know. If your camper needs emergency supplies, you must contact your yoetzet and they can work out a plan with you. EMAILING YOUR CAMPERSPlease click here for instructions. SENDING MAIL TO YOUR CAMPERSPlease address all letters to your child’s name and bunk number at Camp Ramah, 39 Bennett Street, Palmer, MA 01069. YOATZ/OT (PARENT LIAISONS) Please click here to learn about your camper’s yoetzet and contact information. KEEPING CURRENT WITH CAMP ACTIVITIESWe will post at least one photo gallery of each division every Friday; these will be posted here. The password is Summer2022; it is case sensitive. You can follow our blog and our Facebook page. As we mentioned, our staffing pattern this summer will limit the number of posts we will be able to produce. We will do the best we can. We look forward to welcoming our campers to Palmer and embarking on a fantastical and magical summer. Kol tuv,Rabbi Ed Gelb (He/Him/His)CEO, Ramah New England

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