Opening Day – Tekes Yisrael

This kayitz (summer), there was a new addition to our opening day schedule! In recognition of current events, camp leadership felt it was important to bring camp together on opening day to acknowledge our values as a community. We gathered outside before Tzad Aleph (A-Side) dinner for a Tekes (ceremony) to do just that!

Our tekes started with opening words by Rabbi Gelb, CEO, and the singing of Hatikvah together. Rabbi Gelb gave a special shout-out to our Mishlachat (Israeli delegation) for being here this summer, which earned a big cheer from the whole group!


Next, a longtime camp Israel educator, Ofek Moscovich, addressed the community, and discussed the importance of finding joy and pride in our connection to Israel this summer. Ofek has spent the past two years living in Fairfield County, CT as a full-time Shliach. This is his fourth summer at Camp Ramah New England. Ofek said, “After a very challenging year, both in Israel and America, when often as a Jewish person I felt alone, it was an incredible feeling to be together among other people like me: Jewish, Zionist, and Israel supporters. The feeling I had when singing Hatikvah together was so empowering and strengthening. I’m glad I’m back in camp in a community where I feel I belong.”

We concluded with everyone’s favorite – Israeli Rikud (dance). This tekes was a great opportunity to show our commitment to Israel engagement right from the start of the summer. We hope that doing it on the first day of camp reinforced the importance of Israel as a value in our community. The relationships that our chanichim (campers) build with schlichim (Israeli staff) this summer are more important than ever, and seeing everyone gathered and dancing together on the first day of camp is a sight to behold. We cannot wait to see how this community grows throughout the kayitz (summer).

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