Packing in the fun in Kochavim!


After our amazingly fun day at Six Flags, Kochavim continued to do special things and bond with each other. This morning, each tzrif (bunk) woke up early to start our day with special events. Tzrif 23 woke up bright and early to get out on the agam and boat. Each boy took his own kayak and started the day with a little bit of rowing and a lot of floating and laughing!

photo (24)

Tzrif 21 woke up to the joy of finding out they could dress their counselors (and rosh edah…) in whatever ridiculous clothing they desired. The girls had some silly wardrobe decisions, but overall they could have done a lot worse!

photo (25)


Today is also Kochavim Yom Sport (Color War). We have Team Kabbalat Shabbat (white) vs. Team Havdallah (blue) and it is a fierce but friendly competition. So far we have had competitive nikayon, manners at meals, relay races, poster making, and poster revealing at our campfire tonight.

Kochavim cannot wait for shabbat, and is making the most of the end of our mini session!

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