Palmer vs. Berskhires Holiday Challenge Two!

Ramah New England and Ramah Berkshires
Holiday Challenge Part Two:This time it’s Biblical!

In a follow up to this winter’s Hanukkah Challenge, we are going Double or Nothing with Ramah Berkshires. The Challenge, which begins now, and will consist of 3 challenges, ending on Friday, April 5th. Campers, alumni, families and staff are encouraged to take part in the challenge.  All submissions and questions should be sent to Ben Greene at (please note, while we will be posting some submissions on Facebook, you do not need a Facebook account to participate)

Challenge One: 10 Plagues Pictures
Participants will submit pictures of themselves recreating one of the 10 plagues. These photos will be placed on Camp’s Facebook page and blog. Each camp will earn points for every full set of 10 plagues that they are able to post (i.e. pictures representing each of the 10 plagues), so be sure to check the Facebook page and blog to see what has already been posted and what is needed.
*Each participant may only send up to 3 different photos.

Challenge 2: Video Contest
Participants will submit a short YouTube video that represents both the ideals of Camp Ramah and the meaning and traditions of Passover. Each camp will determine 1-2 official entries, which will be posted on their Facebook pages and blog.

Challenge 3: Matzah Challenge
Participants will submit via picture, video, or essay what they view as the most creative way to utilize Matzah during Passover. For this contest there will be two separate categories:
1. Most creative edible use of Matzah.
2. Most creative non-edible use of Matzah.

Submissions will be judged by a neutral panel of Ramah staff from other camps.
Chag Sameach and Let the games begin!

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