Peulat Mishlachat – Bogrimers Become Journalists

The other night the mishlachat (Israeli counselors) in our edah programmed and ran a very thought-provoking and creative peulat erev.

The chanichim were divided into groups and given a different topic related to Israel to report about. The topics included the relationship between religious and non-religious israelis, the water shortage, the two state solution, and various other topics. The chanichim were given a poster board divided into a few different sections. In one section they wrote the title, in another section they wrote a subtitle. The chanichim then wrote in the article, drew a caricature, made up a comic strip, and summarized the overall article.

The peula (activity) allowed our chanichim to explore modern issues facing Israel and gave them ways to talk about and express their feelings about them. The chanichim became journalists for the day and it gave them each various insights that they did not have before. Once they all had finished their poster, the groups got up and presented what they had created. All of the campers were exposed to all the issues, and they got to see the good work that their friends had done.

Seeing the campers learn about Israel from their mishlachat counselors was a beautiful sight. It is so special that we have Israelis who come here and talk about Israel firsthand.

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