Peulat Shabbat with Amitzim and Bogrim!

This week Amitzim and Bogrim had the opportunity to have a wonderful and educational peulat Shabbat together. In honor of the parsha, which reminds us of the ten commandments, we focused on two of the commandments; not saying G-d's name in vain and observing Shabbat. When learning about how to use G-d's name appropriately Bogrim and Amitzim were split up into separate groups. Bogrim had a discussion about words that are used in every day life that are considered derogatory but are often used casually. Words such as "retarded" and "idiot" are thrown around in conversation in the lives of many teenagers but in fact they have other meanings and should not be used in such contexts. The chanichim (campers) really opened up and suggested words that could be used instead and an awareness of how disrespectful these words can be. I was impressed by the maturity I found when talking to a group of Bogrim campers and was proud at how deep their conversation was. When thinking about the connection with the Torah portion the campers also pointed out more respectful and positive ways that G-d's name can be used rather than just throwing it around casually. 

Amitzim had a similar discussion about appropriate ways to use G-d's name and used different role play scenarios to help explain this concept. The group then gathered together to do an activity about how we observe Shabbat at home and at camp. Eventually everyone realized that even though we all may celebrate Shabbat in different ways during the year, at camp we all share the same joyous and special experience. 

Shavua Tov from Palmer!

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