Pre-Shabbat Post

As we move towards our first shabbat at camp this summer, my thoughts turn to all the traditions unique to our Ramah community.  Tonight, the Nivonim girls will dance the Miriam Dance, and Machon will entertain the camp with their Shabbat song and dance.  Then, after our unique traditions are done, we will join our special moments to the special moment of the Jewish people, Shabbat.  As we daven kabbalat shabbat, seven hundred plus strong, in the grove, we will join our voices to the prayers and songs of our people all over the world, and all through time.  It will be a special moment: a fabric of prayer and song utterly recognizable to Jews the world over, but shot through with the special hues and tints of Camp Ramah New England.  No wonder that when we ask kids what akes them love camp, Shabbat is never far down the list.

Shabbat Shalom from Palmer.

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