Program Spotlight — Agam (Waterfront)!


Splish splash – What a great month at the agam!

After taking their swim checks, the A-side campers had a great time in swim lessons. Every day, with great weather, they got into the water and improved their swimming. They swam alone, with life jackets, with noodles, with kickboards, and there are some who swam the lake with life guard tubes. It was very exciting to see the sense of accomplishment the campers had when they came back from a lake swim. Every day the water trampoline and the iceberg were open for the kids to enjoy.

While the B-side campers were choosing from options like lake swim, water polo, or climbing the iceberg, a group of Nivonimers was learning and practicing rescues for an American Red Cross water front life guard course. This same group of Nivonimers have become interns at the Ilanot swim lessons and will continue to help teach swimming for the rest of the summer.  

Just last week at Yom Sport (Color War), everyone in camp watched as a variety of campers came to the agam and competed in a relay that included building sand waterways and boating across the lake. Within the next week and a half every swimming student on A-side will receive a skill certification checklist accompanied by a picture of his or her swim group. Look out for it in the mail! We are looking forward to a fun and safe second session during which we can all continue on our masa (journey) of learning skills in the water.     

Rotem and Leah

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