Program Spotlight — Ramah CD Project!


This year, Kayitz 2011, Tzevet Shira (our music staff) has being working on a new Ramah CD for 2011!

 First, we transformed the Little House in the middle of Tzad Bet migrash (field) into a Studio Recording House. Many songs were recorded in this studio, while other edot were recorded LIVE in a different environment, still part of the CD!



In order to complete the task, we combined the skills of many talented campers, instrument players, singers, tech savvies  and music directors. Chanichim (campers) had the chance to: 1: Practice and jam many of their favorite songs, 2: decide on which song we will record for the CD, 3: distribute tasks for who is doing what, 4: make up arrangements, both vocal and instrumental, 5: when not recording, the listeners (with headphones on their ears) had the chance to positively and constructively make an observation about the song and arrangements, 6: each of them had the chance to be exposed to the recording studio technologies as well as how to use the time best to accomplish effectiveness, 7: sometimes we had to redo some takes at the last minutes because it is very common that after some days went by they felt different about their own performance, 8: MIX TIME: we brought the studio speakers and listen to the whole song. The chanichim were exposed now to the manipulation of sound effects, mixing philosophies as do we start dealing with the drums and bass or maybe we start with voices, etc. 9: after mastering from the Tzevet Shira, the kids will take home the finished Ramah CD, with their recorded song, at the end of the session!


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