Program Spotlight — Video/Animation


We're drawing close to the end of a great month in chug video/animation! 

Each day, the campers in this chug film footage, watch the results, and see what works and what needs revision. During their time in this chug, campers become proficient in a variety of animation techniques such as stop-motion of rigid objects, claymation (building characters, transforming them, telling stories), hand-drawn (flipbook cycle), and time-lapse.  Campers learn the process of planning and storyboarding their projects, and they screen short films that illustrate techniques of both narrative and non-narrative animation.

As a Los Angeles based Disney trained animator who has done visual effects for feature films for 20 years, our instructor Aliza Corson Chameides brings a wealth of animation knowledge to campers who participate in chug video/animation.

In the coming days, we hope to show off some of the exciting finished animation projects here on this blog!


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