Program Spotlight — Yahadut (Judaics)!

During our first session at Machane Ramah, we have enjoyed working with all of the chanichim (campers) in Yahadut (Judaics)!  

In Yahadut, we have a curriculum that is geared to each edah.  For A-side, the curriculum has included some basic prayer knowledge skills along with a specific theme, where every camper has an opportunity to study two aspects of the theme and then focus on a Take Home Ramah art project that is connected with that theme.  Ilanot’s theme is Sacred Time, with a focus on Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh and the Jewish Calendar. Solelim’s theme is Relationships with a focus on friendships and business ethics.  Shoafim’s theme is Community with a focus on community structure and communal responsibility. 

For B-side, we had a similar structure, but campers had the opportunity to choose electives connected with the central theme.  Magshimim’s theme is Sacred Spaces with a focus on borders, Eruv, Sacred Locations, Makom Tefilah, Memorials and Genizah.  Bogrim’s theme is Israel focused on contemporary issues in Israeli society, diversity of culture and traditions in Israel and concepts around Zionism.  Machon’s theme is Social Justice and Tzedakah, looking at these issues from Jewish perspective.  Nivonim’s theme is Leadership, getting Jewish perspectives and what the Passover story tells us about leadership.

One example of a Take Home Ramah project that we did was with Magshimim.  With their theme of Sacred Spaces, we wanted to help them create a more special space in their homes.  Therefore, they created Birkat Habayit (House Blessing) art work to bring home.  We started with a lesson from one of our visiting Educators, Rabbi Dahlia Kronish, teaching about the many different texts that are used for Birkhat Habayit (with both Hebrew and English text.)  Based on the text that had the most meaning for them, chanichim (campers) created micrography in a shape or image that was special to them.  The art work was finished with a collage effect and then framed.  The work that was completed was incredibly creative and will serve as a daily reminder of Camp Ramah in New England.  Make sure to check out the Take Home Ramah project(s) that your child(ren) bring home!

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