Ramah Parents Nancy and Erick W.

“We’ll begin by thanking you and your staff for creating such a positive, meaningful, and memorable camp experience for our daughter E. There are so few times that the parents of a special needs child can relax. The challenges and stresses of looking out for them in school, in the community, even in the grocery store can be overwhelming. We can now add Camp Ramah New England to that short list of places where we can leave E. with confidence. She described camp as “amazing” and has already informed us that she wants to go for the entire summer next year. E. came home using much of the Hebrew she learned at camp and singing the songs of Fiddler on the Roof. As a matter of fact, she insisted we watch the movie together as a family that very first night home. She appears more motivated to be independent in much of her daily routine. She continues to relive camp through watching all the posted videos and photos. Please share our gratitude with [all the staff-members] whose compassion and professionalism made a real difference for E. this summer.”