Rabbi Gordon Tucker on Ten for ROO!

On this episode, it’s our great honor to be joined by Rabbi Gordon Tucker! Rabbi Tucker is a leading scholar of Conservative Judaism, and he’s been an influential teacher & educator at Camp Ramah New England all the way back since 1987.

In this episode, Rabbi Tucker shares his thoughts on how Ramah New England has changed and stayed the same over the years; how he connects young people to Judaism; and he shares his thoughts on how supporters of Israel should respond to current events in Israel. We also talk about Rabbi Tucker’s love of biking & running, his favorite spots at camp, his favorite foods at camp, and some of the great camp characters he’s met along the way.  With Pesach approaching, Rabbi Tucker shares a special Pesach Seder memory.  Also, Josh talks about painting Gordon’s head into a mural that he and his edah-mates painted in Moadon Nivonim back in 1993.

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