Ramah 365: The Amazing New Ramah App!

Join the throngs of happy Ramahniks who have downloaded Ramah 365, the exciting new smartphone and
iPad/tablet app that is all about living and breathing Camp Ramah 365 days a year!

The Ramah365 app allows Ramahniks from all over the world download the app on their iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android device and keep up with the camp and their friends.  The app has fun and exciting mobile missions where you can win prizes, and interact with Ramah staff members and alumni across the globe.

Ramah365 was the brainchild of Dana Levenson, a young Ramah staff alum and graduate student at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education, who participated on Ramah’s behalf in an educational gaming conference convened by the Covenant Foundation in 2011. This team of young innovators, comprised of camp staff alumni and National Ramah staff members, were awarded Covenant funding to create an app that would build an easy-­‐to-­‐access, functional web of connectivity among Ramah staff that would not only keep them in touch with other Ramahniks, but would also get them involved in a very hands-­‐on way in advancing their Jewish learning, communal involvement, and leadership potential.

The concept is simple: invite app users to fulfill “missions” from a range of topics, garnering points and competing among themselves to win prizes and earn the right to create new missions for other Ramahniks.

Click here to learn more about Ramah 365 and to download the app!!

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