Ramah Palmer vs. Ramah Berkshires

We are all winners at all Ramah camps but this year Ramah Palmer won a few more events.  More importantly, I feel that our kids acted like Mensches and did a great job.  Also, thank God, it did not rain!

Varsity Results we won 8-4:

Ramah Palmer Won: Boy's basketball, Swim, Track, Dance, volleyball, Tennis, Scrabble, and Soccer

and we lost: Girls' basketball, girls softball, ultimate frisbee and boys' softball.

In Junior Varsity we won 7-5:

We won: Swim, Track, Dance, soccer, volleyball, scrabble, boys' basketball

We lost: girls' basketball, girls' softball, boys' softball, tennis, and ultimate

Congratulations to all coaches and players for all their hard work.  It was a wonderful day.  Special thanks to our Rosh Sport, Stephanie Meadow and for all entire kitchen staff who fed so many people so well.

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