Ramah Press Corp Covers a Great Yom Sport Day 1! By Naomi Wallace, Judy Lerner and Avi Dulitzky-Tenner

With ruach (spirit), sweat and some tears the first day of Yom Sport comes to a close. Adi Solomon, an Ilanot counselor in Adom (red), said, “my day, it’s been really fun.” Carrine S., a Machon camper on Kachol (blue), stated enthusiastically, “We are going to win!” 

Henry N., a Machon camper on Lavan (white), triumphantly stated, “mighty fine,” when asked how his day has been. 

The breakout was unexpected with a fake-out right before to throw us off our game. The relay race was hype with lots of activities and competitions for all. Lavan won the race, with Kachol in second, Yarok (green) in third, and Adom in fourth place. Next came the tug-of-war, which had lots of spirit from all the teams. Although Lavan won the tug of war, different chants were shouted out while teams went against each other in a match that could help decide this year’s Yom Sport winner. 

 Tug-of-war was followed by the spoon-only dinner, in which teams ate spaghetti dinner with spoons only. The Nivonim judges walked around watching to make sure no one was cheating and eating with a fork. 

 To wrap up the day, teams split up and went to their assigned spot for a medura (campfire) where chanichim  (campers) participated in shira (singing), ate delicious s’mores, and connected with other team members. Lilah Tov, with more updates coming tomorrow.