Ramah Visits Cong. B’nai Jacob in Woodbridge, CT

Yesterday we were thrilled to spend the morning with students from the religious school at Congregation B’nai Jacob in Woodbridge, CT. A few members of our hanhallah (senior staff) spent the morning with students in grades K-7 exploring some of the language and themes of the upcoming holiday of Purim.

The Kindergarten – 2nd graders learned a few new Hebrew words, including the word nahafochu, an important word in the book of Esther as it describes the way the fate of the Jewish people was flipped on it’s head. We played a variety of games that required us to do a certain action, and then do the opposite: nahafochu! It got hard to keep track of which way we were going, but it was a great time. The 3-5th graders created and performed their own Purim commercials using the random props they were given and a particular Hebrew word associated with Purim. And finally, the 6-7th graders got into the minds of the main characters from the Purim story and tried to imagine what their Instagram pages would look like if they were around today and used Instagram. You can see the pages of Mordecai, Esther, Achashverosh, Vashti, and Haman in the pictures below, complete with hashtags and selfies!

Thank you to Congregation B’nai Jacob for having us this weekend. We hope to see you all again soon!

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