Ramah Wedding!

Mazal tov to Ramah New England alumni Jessica Agus and Ben Bregman on their recent wedding!  They met at camp!

Click here for a great article about their wedding.  Here’s an excerpt:

Jessica and Ben first met in 2001 at Camp Ramah, a Jewish summer camp in New England. Ben was Jessica’s pottery instructor.

“I thought he was really cool, but we were just friends,” says Jessica.

Nearly 10 years later in 2010, Jessica saw Ben’s name in an email list about pre-wedding festivities for a mutual friend. At the wedding, which was in California, Jessica found Ben, reintroduced herself, and they spent time catching up. Three weeks later in D.C., where they both lived at the time, they had their first date — picnicking and watching fireworks from the rooftop of Ben’s apartment building on the Fourth of July.