Redux: Alternative T’filot

Tzad Bet chanichim (Side-B campers) were treated to another set of Alternative T’filot this past Friday morning.  The chanichim chose which one to attend, and could thus experience a somewhat different t’fila than the usual daily Palmer service (as well as one option: the usual daily Palmer service!).

These creative new pathways to prayer were personally engaging and spiritually invigorating.  Some of the offerings were:

Minyan: Want your t’filot to be as similar to the traditional Ramah t’filot as possible? Come to minyan!

Poetry and P’sukei with Elliot Goldberg – Experience p’sukei d’zimra as never before through the poetry of Yehuda Amichai.

T’filot Tutorial with Ephraim Rosenberg – Want to get a taste of leading services, but aren’t sure where to start? Everybody gets a chance to practice leading in this t’filot tutorial!

Yoga T’filot with Meghan Cum – Connect your davening with movements, breath, and intention. Come ready with a towel and clothes you can move around in.

Sports in Religion with Yoni Offit and Yoni Gelb – What do sports and religion have to do with one another? Come to the Beit Knesset to find out! 

T’filot Riff-Off with Rabbi Ariella Rosen-  Sometimes the words in the siddur aren’t enough. Come and speak your mind and your heart using your own words!

Religion in Politics with Ethan Sorcher–  What role should religion play in politics? When should they be kept separate? Debate and explore with Ethan!

Women in T’filot and Judaism with Tali Glickman, Ellie Mendelson, and Zmira Stouber-  Explore how our t’filot have and have not been inclusive of women in the past and now, and get inspired by powerful Jewish women!

An Artistic Approach to T’filot with Rabbi Claudia Kreiman– Draw and create with Rabbi Claudia, as you also sing and discuss what t’filot mean to you.