Rosh Ilanot Liav Shapiro Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!

Shalom Ilanot!


This summer we have grown so much! I hope that throughout the year you hold onto all of your wonderful memories of your summer at Ramah. Maybe you'll remember what it feels like to dance and sing on Friday night or how accomplished you felt when you passed the test to swim in A, B, or C water. Maybe you'll remember climbing to the top of the Alpine Tower for the first time! Maybe you'll remember eating s'mores around the medurah (campfire) and yelling out the words to the Ilanot song. Maybe you'll sing the Shema before you go to bed and teach a family member the hand motions to V'Ahavta. Maybe you'll bake challah with your family and teach them how to braid the dough with extra care. Maybe as you get home from school on Fridays you'll think about how we learned to prepare ourselves both physically and spiritually for Shabbat. And maybe you'll remember all the amazing friends you made this summer and try to keep in touch with them during the year. 

To all of the chanichim and chanichot in Ilanot 2010… We had a great summer! 


From Tzevet Ilanot to you, we can't wait to see you back at Ramah New England Next year!  L'Shanah Haba'ah B'Machane Ramah!


Liav Shapiro

Rosh Ilanot 2010

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