Rosh Kochavim Shira Rosenbaum Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!

Shalom Kochavim chanichim (campers) and families!

We learned so much together at camp this summer. From boating and climbing to our tefillah hand motions and havdallah, this summer has been a blast! Remember when we traveled back in time during Yom Time Machine, or received our wands during Yom Harry Potter? I hope each of you will tell your families how we learned to make challah, and teach them so that you can continue to bake together at home. I hope you will tell them about your adventures on the alpine swing, in boating, sports, omanut (arts and crafts) and how you learned to say the Hebrew numbers for our pages in Tefillot. Maybe you can even teach them adama v’shamayim and the instrument tune for adon olam!

We had so much fun together, and we hope to see you back at camp next summer!  Have a great year!

Shira Rosenbaum

Rosh Kochavim 2010

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