Shalom from Solelim!


This week has been a fun-packed and exciting one!  We started off the week with a fantastic
Shabbat.  After that the highlight
of the week for most of the chanichim here at Machaneh Ramah was a camp wide
trip to 6 flags! It was a beautiful day, which allowed everyone to enjoy the
roller coasters, rides, water park and ice cream! 

Though this week has been filled with much fun I am writing to
you on a day when we are remembering the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash,  and many other tragedies that have
befallen the Jewish people. Last night all of tzad aleph came together to hear
the reading of Eicha, we sat in darkness with just the light of our candles and
flashlights, setting the mood for a day of remembrance and mourning. Though it
is a beautiful day here at Machaneh Ramah we are commemorating and remembering
with fantastic programs on the history of our people, and the hardships we have
had to face, and seeing how far we have come as a people.

We cannot wait for the rest of the week and the fun Shabbat we
have planned! Please check back soon for more Solelim updates!



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