Sarah Glickman from Bogrim on Wisdom


Today’s D’var Torah was from Sarah Glickman of edat Bogrim. Sarah spoke about the fourth berakhah in the Amidah, “ata honen l’adam da’at”–“You (God) grant wisdom to people.” Sarah spoke about the importance of wisdom from several perspectives. First of all, wisdom is one of the things that distinguishes people from animals. Second, without asking first for wisdom we would not be able to understand  the rest of the Amidah. But what I found most interesting was what Sarah said about the meaning of wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t really mean knowing the answers to everything. Wisdom means knowing the right questions to ask. Wisdom means being skeptical and not just accepting answers from others. It means searching for your own answers. For me it was inspiring to see a young woman here at Machaneh Ramah teach me such an important lesson about life. Kol Hakavod Sarah!


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