Second Session Begins for Machon!


A new month has begun! Today Adat HaMachon welcomed 21 second session chanichim (campers) and got off to an amazing start. We began together with an edah-wide icebreaker in which we linked arms with another person who shared the same fact about themselves (e.g., both born in New York). The banim (boys) had a pe’ulat banim (boys activity) which forced them to work together to travel across the field while being bound together as one unit, while the girls had pe’ulot tzrif. We ended the day with a wacky nose-themed pe’ulat which involved leaving noseprints on a Machon 2013 bench! It was an amazing start to second session!

The banim prepare for the task ahead
Adina Jacobson, Ethan Sorcher, Hannah Blas, and Yadin Kulp all leave their noseprint on our bench!

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