Shabbat Across Ramah 2017: Coming November 10th

Don’t you miss Shabbat at Camp?

Picture the trees swaying in the breeze as the sun sets in the chorsha (grove), eating chicken soup and brownies in the full chadar ochel, or belting out Mipi El, and Yom Zeh MechubadThere’s nothing like a Shabbat at Ramah. And, while there’s no way to truly replicate a camp Shabbat without being in Palmer, we can try and bring a little bit of a perfect camp Shabbat into the year.

Introducing: Shabbat Across Ramah!

Presented by Reshet Ramah: Alumni and Community Engagement and with the support of the Gesher Ramah program, “Shabbat Across Ramah” encourages Ramahniks to get together for Shabbat dinners on Friday, November 10, 2017. Whether you’re inviting other camp families to your home, getting together with alumni, or hosting a community Shabbat dinner at your synagogue, you’re part of the program as long as your celebrating with other Ramahniks.  Click here to sign up!

  • Boston-area families are invited to join us at Temple Israel in Sharon, MA for Kabbalat Shabbat at 6 pm, and dinner at 7. Please RSVP here or to Mindy Goldstein, by Friday, November 3, and include the following information:
    Family Name
    Names of all family members attending
    Ages of children attending
    Total number of people attending
    Dietary Restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

         Are you new to camp? Let us know and we will pair you with a seasoned Ramahnik who would love to show you the ropes for the evening!

        Can’t make it in time for services?  No problem!  We look forward to having you join us for Shabbat dinner, but please remember to RSVP!

  • If you live in Maryland or DC, you can join us at Congregation B’nai Israel in Rockville, MD. Contact Didi Kalmanofsky, Senior Programming Staff, for more information.

Please note: These events are intended for anyone whose Shabbat observance makes it possible for them to attend.  If you are shomer Shabbat and are in need of housing, please contact Mindy Goldstein and she will gladly arrange it!

  • Looking to host in your own home or attending something closer to home or in a smaller group setting? Please fill out this form and let us know!
  • Young alumni who have registered as hosts are eligible for an up to $50 reimbursement! If you are a young alum who is hosting a Shabbat Across Ramah dinner, fill out this reimbursement form and save all receipts over $50. Contact Melissa Leifer for more information!

We hope you will be able to participate in Shabbat Across Ramah!

Gesher Ramah is a program of the National Ramah Commission supported by generous funding from the AVI CHAI Foundation.