Shabbat Across Ramah! Coming November 18

Don’t you miss Shabbat at Camp?

Picture the trees swaying in the breeze as the sun sets in the chorsha (grove), eating chicken soup and brownies in the full chadar ochel, or belting out Mipi El, and Yom Zeh MechubadThere’s nothing like a Shabbat at Ramah. And, while there’s no way to truly replicate a camp Shabbat without being in Palmer, we can try and bring a little bit of a perfect camp Shabbat into the year.shabbat-across-ramah

Introducing: Shabbat Across Ramah! Presented by Reshet Ramah: Alumni and Community Engagement, “Shabbat Across Ramah” encourages Ramahniks to get together for Shabbat dinners on Friday, November 18, 2016. Whether you’re inviting other camp families to your home, getting together with alumni, or hosting a community Shabbat dinner at your synagogue, you’re part of the program as long as your celebrating with other Ramahniks.

So you want to host a dinner – GREAT! Now what? 

  1. Email David Offit, and let him know! We’d love to hear about all of Shabbat dinners hosted by our Palmer community.
  2. Invite your Ramah friends!
  3. There may be Ramahniks living near you who you’ve never met before. If you’re interested in hosting guests who you don’t know, David can help provide a list of others in your area, either from Ramah New England, or from across all Ramah camps. There may also be people who are looking for a dinner, who can be placed with you, if you’re open to it.
  4. Post a status, tweet, or picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #shabbatacrossramah, and tell the world how excited you are for the big day! Feel free to tag other Ramahniks to invite them to your meal, or encourage them to host meals of their own.

Special incentive for young alumni: If you’re a Ramah alum under the age of 35, sign up to host a dinner HERE, and be eligible to receive $50 towards your meal! But you have to sign up soon – there are only 50 dinner grants up for grabs.

We’ll help you add that special Ramah Palmer flavor to your Shabbat! If you email David Offit and let him know you’re hosting, you’ll receive our virtual Palmer Shabbat Toolkit, including (but not limited to):

  1. Bernie the Baker’s ORIGINAL Shabbat Brownie Recipe (makes brownies for 900…you may have to do some math)
  2. MP3s of some favorite Friday morning songs, such as Shir Ha’ma’alot (Shabbat Shalom) by Craig Taubman, and Boi Kallah by Achinoam Nini
  3. A printable shiron of your favorite z’mirot and other camp songs
  4. Ice breakers and other conversation starters that only Ramahniks would understand
  5. There just might be an Eishet Chayil recording in the process….

Have any other ideas of how to make your Ramah Shabbat dinner unique? Let us know, and we can add them to the list!