Shabbat b’Palmer – A different feel than the rest of the week!


Every day at camp is a bit different; a special event, a new friend, an exciting challenge. On Friday’s though there is always a vibe, a feeling of excitement, maybe a bit of rushing as we try and finish everything in order to be ready to welcome Shabbat.  Campers and counselors all work there hardest to have their bunks extra clean and we all get dressed in our best clothing. Our Shabbat celebration begins with each edah (division) coming together for a few Shabbat songs or a story to set the tone for Shabbat. Each edah then proceeds to the grove, singing down the road,  where we come together as a machenah (entire camp) There is singing, and hugging as we see our friends, siblings, new faces and old.

During the t’feilah (Prayers) everyone is singing along and even at some points dancing. Shabbat

Our Shabbat davening, with more than 700 young people participating, is truly magnificent.With so many young voices rising together in prayer, the sound is like no other, I truly have nothing to compare it to. All the campers and staff have chosen to come to a camp which celebrates Shabbat with so much joy and ruach (spirit). This beautiful weekly service has a strong impact many of our campers. They leave saying that Shabbat is one of their favorite times of the week, usually only second to their friends. We are all divided during the week and on Shabbat we become one large Kehillah (Community). 

From davening, we go to the Chadar Ohel for a wonderful Shabbat meal. People wait all week for the soup, the potatoes, chicken, and of course the Shabbat Brownies!

All week long at camp, we are running, playing, and learning. We not only look forward to Shabbat, but we need Shabbat to reconnect with our friends, our counselors and ourselves. We relax and rejuvenate for another fabulous week at camp! It’s Friday, I feel the vibe, and I am ready for an inspirational Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!

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