Shabbat Recap

The skies finally cleared and we had Friday services outside led by Magshimim.  They did a fabulous job and I think these were the best tefilot of the summer.  Friday night singing was great.  The combination of the full summer kids who have building their repertoire and the second session campers’ energy led to great singing.  Shabbat day was beautiful and the campers enjoyed special time to pray, play sports, sing, and go swimming.  This week the kids did havdalah by edah.  It is really neat to hear each group singing the beautiful melodies.  We’re all excited for a great week of fun.  This week the B-side begins kishroniya (Magshimim and Bogrim on Sunday/Monday and Machon/Nivonim on Tues-Friday).  On Wednesday Ilanot through Bogrim will go on their day trip out of camp.  It’s always busy at Camp Ramah!

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