Shalom from Bogrim!



We are happy to announce that the summer is off to an amazing start! The energy in the edah (group) is simply spectacular.

We have already begun enjoying numerous peulot (activities). The energetic staff have helped the chanichim (campers) to bond with each of their bunks as well as with the other chanichim in the edah. Last night we had a particularly fun peulat erev (night activity) where our boys and girls split up to do some fun activities. The banot (girls) had an 80s themed dress up zumba lesson with their counselors, while the boys played some fun bonding games that really brought them together.

We are really excited for the rest of the summer. Already this group of kids has shown how energetic and fun they can be. We look forward to updating you as the summer goes on!

Bogrim banot in 80s gear!


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