Shalom from kochavim…


Hi everyone,

It's been a great few days here at machane Ramah!  We had a very good 1st Shabbat.  The campers learned Shabbat tfill'ot, had so much fun at the shabbat dinner, and they had a great activity during shabbat afternoon with Yehuda Gubani.  Yehuda is an ivrit teacher here and he's been here more than 20 summers so far.  The kids enjoyed his peula.

Today we had a very special peualt erev.  We did a "Talent Show"- the kids performed in front of everyone.  Some of them danced and others sang, it was incredlbe to see it!! I have posted some pictuers so you can also see…  IMG_1639   IMG_1632  IMG_1634

well, it was a long and fun day… but tomorrow we are going to Six Flags…. so everyone is so excited!!!

Anyway, have a great day…


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