Shoafim and Color War!

Shalom Parents!


Yesterday was a wonderful day all over Camp Ramah!
Sunday night our Nivonim CITs came to eat dinner with us and lead our Peulat
Erev, and they surprised us with Color War Breakout! We divided up into teams
and began learning songs and dances, and signed up for the competitions in
which we’d participate the next day.


Monday morning we woke up and the entire day was devoted to
cheering for your team and gaining points through winning competitions. We
davened by team, and played sports and other games that were a blast. Please
look at the pictures on the website and you’ll see tons of pictures of your
campers having a great time yesterday.


Closing ceremonies were very entertaining. Each team
presented a banner, 2 songs that they wrote, and performed a dance. While Team
Lavan (White) won, we all had a wonderful day.


With two weeks left in the session, today we have started
our new activities until the end of camp. Tonight is the camp-wide Peulat Erev
of “Camp Ramah’s Got Talent,” and our edah will
be represented by the boys of Bunk 8 performing “When You’re a Jet” from West
Side Story. I am sure there will be great pictures!


Hope all is well with you, and we’re looking forward to two
wonderful last weeks of camp!






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