Shoafim “It’s a Good Life” Chug!

Rosh Shoafim Adina Schwartz and I are so excited that the “It’s a Good Life” chug has begun again for our 2019 Shoafimers!

The “It’s a Good Life” chug is a long-standing Ramah tradition, going back to the mid-nineties when it was begun by Mike Pletman.  This is a special chug that we run only for the kids in adat ha-Shoafim.  To enter the chug, kids must submit a twenty-two-and-a-half word essay on a creative canvas of their choice (paper is not allowed), explaining why they want to join the chug.  Once they’re in, we do all sorts of silly things at random times (not during the regular chug p’rakim).  This chug is one of the ways that we try to make Shoafim — the oldest edah on Tzad Aleph — a special and unique experience for the kids!!

As always, I was blown away by how funny and creative this year’s entries were.  Take a look at these entries.  One was written on teensy pieces of garbage bag, that Adina and I had to put in order.  And one was written in code!!  Wow!

We look forward to lots of fun and silliness with this great group of chanichim (campers) in the coming weeks!!