Shoafim It’s a Good Life Chug Silly Games!

Earlier this week, we were delighted to welcome back to camp Mike Pletman, the founder of the “It’s a Good Life” chug!  This is a special chug that we run only for adat ha-Shoafim; just one of the many special things we do for the oldest hanichim (campers) on Tzad Aleph.  Mike led several very silly games for our Good Lifers.  In the first, the kids had to work together to puzzle out the secret pathway through the paper maze that Mike had set up.  Each time one of them made a mistake, Mike and I made a silly noise.  The kids couldn’t speak, so they had to find other ways to communicate and to work together to get everyone through the maze.

Then, we moved outside onto the Tzad Aleph migrash (field), where the Good Lifers competed in a crazy relay race.  We shmeared vasaline on their noses (and, if they wanted, their chins and foreheads), and then they raced to see who could pick up the most cotton balls (which we’d scattered around on the grass)… with their faces!  It was a fun, messy adventure!