Shoafim is Ready to Rock and Roll!


It's only two days in and already Shoafim is knee-deep in fun! Yesterday's opening program got the kids schmoozing as they played Human Bingo, learning about one another and about their madrichim (counselors). Soon after, they were officially introduced through an original rap composed by the madrichim themselves!

Our first peulat erev (evening activity) got the kids running around camp in search of watermelons in their very own Watermelon Hunt. After each group had found their fruit, we all reconvened to enjoy a tasty reward!

Today we got to experience what camp is going to be like everyday. The chanichim (campers) went around with their madrichim (counselors) to every activity. From the agam (lake) to chugim (elective activities), and Ivrit (Hebrew) to Yahadut (Judaism), the chanichim seemed to have a blast. The day ended with an incredible performance by Rick Recht.

As a huge fan, I was excited to have the privilege of introducing Rick at the concert, but it seemed that Shoafim was even more excited than I was! Many of them went on stage to sing with him, having learned songs with him earlier in the evening, and the Shoafim energy and excitement was made clear to all of camp tonight!

Finally, as I said goodnight to each camper tonight, I asked how their days were, only to be met with smiles and excitement about the wonderful activities they were able to try. It seems they're looking forward to an awesome session, and so am I!

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