Shoafim “It’s a Good Life Chug”!

One of our longstanding camp traditions is back in business for kayitz 2023: The It’s a Good Life Chug!

This special chug has been offered exclusively to adat ha-Shoafim for many decades now, going back to the mid-nineties when it was begun by Mike Pletman.

To join the It’s a Good Life Chug, kids must submit a twenty-two-and-a-half word essay on a creative canvas of their choice (paper is not allowed), explaining why they want to join the chug.  Once they’re in, we do all sorts of silly things at random times (not during the regular chug p’rakim).  This chug is one of the ways that we try to make Shoafim — the oldest edah on Tzad Aleph — a special and unique experience for the kids!!

Josh (Rosh Shoafim) and I had a lot of fun reviewing all of the funny and creative application essays!

Last week we assembled our inductees — a huge group this year! — and raised a celebratory cup of blue drink. (See photo above.) Why do we love blue beverages so much in the “It’s a Good Life” chug? Because they’re the silliest, of course!

On Friday we had our first major event: a game of “steal the afikomen” in which the kids searched for images and words hidden amongst my vast collection of old Ramah t-shirts. We had a lot of fun! Lots more silliness lies ahead this kayitz!!

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